Gardner Historical Museum, Inc.

On the Trails of History

Thanks to all those who attended our recent


Also, thanks to all those who volunteered with preparation work,

 at the Bazaar and with packing and clean up!

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News From Museum Supporters:

You can help support the Gardner Athena Club by using one of the coupons shown to the left.  Feel free to give the other three to friends.  

Athena Club is part of the General Federated Women's club, an international service organization.  For more info about the Club, please contact Pres. Juanita Rothaus at [email protected].

Thank you.

The Gardner Grange has been very supportive of the Museum over the years, allowing us to host numerous events at their facility.  

Also, the Trails sign in our parking lot was first mounted in the area of what is now "Gardner Junction Park", west of town on 56 Highway.  The original park ground was owned and developed by the Gardner Grange.